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Why choose Orange County Family Mediation? OCFM provides a respectful, less antagonistic, and less expensive way to move forward in a safe environment. Lines of communication are kept open for continued co-parenting. We are able to complete all necessary filings so that neither our clients, nor their children, ever need to appear in court.

Mediating with OCFM focuses on reducing tension in a safe environment.  With the help of the mediator, couples ne1gotiate their own settlement and learn the techniques for resolving future differences. Interaction between the couple is managed by an experienced mediator, trained to direct discussions toward productive solution seeking paths.

OCFM values your privacy. Your privacy is of utmost importance at Orange County Family Mediation. All discussions are kept strictly confidential. 

Orange County Family Mediation will help resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Our divorce mediators focus on finding points of agreement, rather that points of contention. A mediated divorce is generally subject to less conflict – certainly, fewer court procedures – so that a divorce can be finalized more quickly.











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September 30, 2014